Frequently asked questions

What do I need to bring to a the course?

We provide everything you need! This includes note taking material, handguns, ammunition and all of the safety gear! Since we commonly train over the dinner hour, feel free to bring food and drinks if you would like. There are snacks and soda at the facility for sale as well.

What should I wear?

Since the brass coming out of the handguns is very hot, be sure to wear closed toe shoes. The range can be rather cool in the winter months so a jacket is recommended.

Can I bring my own firearm?

Yes! We encourage those of you that have your own firearm to bring it to the course if you would like. We shoot 8-10 different handguns in the course, so if you don't want to have to clean your handgun after the course or want to try something new you can leave it at home. If you do bring your own firearm, please let the instructor know and bring it unloaded in a case.

How do I apply for my Concealed Handgun Permit?

Follow the link below for information on how to apply through the Larimer County Sheriff's Office and the Weld County Sheriff's Office. Larimer County Sheriff's Office Homepage (LCSO) https://www.larimer.org/sheriff/ LCSO Concealed Carry Information http://www.larimersheriff.org/resource/concealed-handgun-permit LCSO Concealed Handgun Permit Information Packet http://www.larimersheriff.org/sites/default/newfiles/CSOC%20APPLICATION%20INFO%20PKT%20updated%20010516rev.pdf LCSO Concealed Handgun Permit Application http://www.larimersheriff.org/sites/default/newfiles/CSOC%20APP%20FOR%20CHP2%20.pdf Weld County Sheriff's Office Homepage (WCSO) https://www.weldsheriff.com/ WCSO COncealed Carry Information https://www.weldsheriff.com/services/concealed_handgun_permit/ WCSO Concealed Handgun Permit Information Packet https://www.weldsheriff.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6/File/Departments/Sheriff/Services/Concealed%20Handgun%20Permit/239Ad17364b914BdAA13.pdf WCSO Concealed Handgun Permit Application https://www.weldsheriff.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_6/File/Departments/Sheriff/Services/Concealed%20Handgun%20Permit/0CaB3d3d749dcC69BD9b.pdf