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Drill designed by CCT125US

Range: 5yd

Target: six 2″ Dots

Start position: Holstered (Advanced) Low Ready (Intermediate)

Rounds Fired: 24

On the beep, draw and fire one round at each of the six 2″ circles in order from #1 to #6 and then immediately repeat from #1 to #6 again for a total of twelve rounds fired. Record your time.

Then starting from the holster again, on the beep draw and fire one round at each of the six 2″ circles in reverse order from #6 to #1 then immediately repeat from #6 to #1 again. Record your time. You must shoot the targets in proper order each time.

This drill is not capacity-neutral. If your handgun holds less than 12 rounds, you will need to reload during the drill. If your pistol holds less than 6 rounds, you will need to reload more than once. The time for the reload counts toward your score.

Range can be anywhere from three to seven yards depending on shooter skill level.

The six strings of fire are:

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