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Range: 7yd

Targets: two targets each with a head (3×5 card) and torso (8″ plate) scoring zone

Start Position: holstered or ready

Rounds Fired: 32

The purpose of this drill is to build realistic multiple target shooting skills, and to further develop a shooter’s ability to regulate the balance between accuracy and speed necessary to get hits against different size and distance targets.

You’ll create two targets, A and B. Each target will have a 3×5 card as a head zone, and an 8″ plate as a body zone. It should look like this:

Shooter draws and fires two rounds at each target zone in an “X” pattern. Drill is repeated four times, starting with a different zone each time.

1. A-head, B-body, A-body, B-head

2. B-head, A-body, B-body, A-head

3. B-body, A-head, B-head, A-body

4. A-body, B-head, A-head, B-body

A key point in teaching and evaluating the X-Drill is that pairs fired at large body zones should be faster than pairs fired at small head zones. Shooters should learn to adjust their cadence to get off shots as fast as they can appropriate to the range and size of the target.

If your headshots are just as fast as your body shots and you’re getting all hits, you need to be taking the body shots faster. Shoot at the speed the target allows.

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