Concealed Skills

Concealed Skills

Prerequisite of Basic Pistol or similar firearm training is required to sign up for this course.


A valid Concealed Carry Permit is NOT required to sign up.


This course is approximately 5 hours in length and is the next step in advancing your defensive pistol techniques to prepare for a potentially dangerous encounter. Topics covered in this course include: classroom lecture on mindset, situational awareness, mental preparation, and every day carry equipment. Skills learned include: dry and live fire practice on drawing from a position of concealment, malfunction clearances, tactical/combat reloads, and other defensive shooting techniques. This course is very dynamic and safe gun handling is essential for all participants.

Equipment needed:


Holster/carry method 

2 magazines or 1 speed loader

100 rounds of ammunition

Eye and Ear protection

Appropriate range clothing

This course focuses on defensive pistol shooting techniques, the importance of mindset, and advancing your shooting skills. 


To sign up for this course please call/text 970-222-1284